Sausage Dog Wrapping Paper, Cream Option


A sweet sausage dog-themed wrapping paper sheet, featuring Teddie the Dachshund.

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A sausage dog-themed wrapping paper sheet, made from beautiful, flecked cream paper, and featuring my adorable little dachshund, Teddie.

Each sheet measures 50cm x 70cm and is made from eco-friendly 85gsm, 80% recycled paper.

How I created my Dachshund gift wrap: Teddie started out life as one of my original ink drawings, from which I produced a unique stamp, which I then used to hand print the simple, yet gorgeous, gift wrap design you see. From this hand printed design, subsequent sheets are produced using the highest quality lithographic printing. This process produces a unique, and rather beautiful product.

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500mm x 700mm

Recycled Content