Recyclable Tape, 24mm x 50m


An eco-friendly, recyclable, compostable and biodegradable tape.

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Recyclable Tape

This recyclable tape is 24mm in width, making it perfect for your gift wrapping needs; and, at 50 metres long, you may never need to buy another roll!

This eco-friendly product is the perfect alternative to traditional plastic sticky tape! In fact, I believe it’s a better product, as it can still go in a tape dispenser, is just as easy to use, and I find it actually sticks better to my eco-friendly papers!


This tape is biodegradable and recyclable. However, at present, it is more likely that this tape will be separated out during the recycling process, and incinerated for energy recovery. To find out why this happens and, crucially, why paper tape is still the eco-friendly choice, check out my blog post – Can You Recycle Paper Tape?

This tape is also produced in the UK (=zero air miles), and is a vegan-friendly product, containing no animal-derived ingredients.

More Options

A 19mm-thick paper tape is also available.

A 50mm-thick paper tape is also available.