French Bulldog Gift Wrap With Hearts


French Bulldog gift wrap sheet, with hand-printed love hearts.

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Sweet French Bulldog Gift Wrap

A cute wrapping paper design, featuring a repeating pattern of my Frenchie Frank, complete with a little red love heart floating above his head. My French Bulldog gift wrap is perfect, not only for gifts going to your own beau, but also to any other happy couple, or indeed, just anyone who’s a sucker for a cute face like Frank’s!

How’s It Made?

My French Bulldog gift wrap sheet begins life at my lovely local printing firm, who print Frank onto my kraft paper sheets. After this, I add each little love heart by hand, which creates a truly unique product, with no two sheets ever being exactly the same!

My Materials

I use 90gsm, 100% recycled kraft paper to produce this wrap. Each sheet measures 50cm x 70cm. And, like all my other papers, this recyclable wrapping paper can go straight into your recycling. Whatsmore, if you use my eco-friendly kraft tape, the recipient won’t even need to remove the sticky tape first!

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500mm x 700mm

Recycled Content