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Fine Hemp Cord. 5 Metre Length.


A 5 metre length of natural, fine hemp cord.

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A 5 metre length of fine hemp cord, perfect for your eco-friendly gift wrapping needs!

Hemp is one of the most environmentally-friendly natural fibres, as unlike others, such as cotton, it takes very little water to grow hemp, and it is also naturally resistant to many common pests.

This particular hemp cord is also undyed, retaining it’s natural colour (you can expect slight variations between batches, as a result).  It’s also very strong (it can hold 4.5kg / 10lb in weight), and can therefore be reused many times.

Basically, it’s the perfect gift wrapping alternative not only to ribbon, but also to some seemingly eco-friendly alternatives, such as baker’s twine. Combine with my recycled papers, and recyclable tape, for the ultimate eco-friendly gift wrapping experience!