Elephant Wrapping Paper


Eco-friendly elephant wrapping paper sheet.

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Elephant Wrapping Paper

An eco-friendly elephant wrapping paper sheet, featuring my whole herd of marching elephants.  Each gift wrap sheet measures 50cm x 70cm (27.5″ x 19.5″).

The Printing Process

The herd started out life as one of my original ink drawings, from which I produced custom stamps. With these stamps I then hand printed the gift wrap design you see. From my hand-printed design, subsequent sheets are produced using the highest quality lithographic printing; it’s this process which produces the lovely handmade effect of the paper.

The Materials

The wrapping paper is made from high quality 90gsm, 100% recycled kraft paper. The paper is also 100% recyclable, so the lucky recipient can recycle their paper once they’ve unwrapped their gifts! And why not purchase some of my recyclable parcel tape too, to complete the eco-friendly gift wrapping package.

Intersted in More from the Herd?

Find my whole range of Elephant Herd products over in their own section of the shop.

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500mm x 700mm

Recycled Content


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