The Story Behind Wrapped By Alice


Discover my mission to produce unique, eco-friendly gift wrapping.

Wrapped By Alice

My Inspiration

My days are spent creating handmade, eco-friendly gift wrapping for you, my lovely customers!

The Importance of the Gift Wrapping Ritual

Wrapped By Alice was, quite simply, inspired by my love of gift wrapping. I’m a firm believer that as much love and thought should go into the presentation of a gift, as went into choosing the present itself. In my eyes, the wrapping of a gift is the most important part of the gifting ritual, because it shows how much you really care. You’ll find lots of gift wrapping ideas and inspiration over on my blog.

Finding the Perfect Gift Wrapping

I love being able to be a part of the special gifting process, each time a customer decides to buy one of my products. You can browse my full range here, and perhaps you’ll find something extra special for one of your loved ones!

My products are made from recycled and sustainable materials.
My designs are block printed – a traditional hand printing technique.
My love for animals and the natural world inspires my designs.
My products are made at my home studio in Derbyshire, UK.

My Mission

The ethos behind Wrapped By Alice is to produce beautiful, eco-friendly gift wrapping, which my customers can use with both joy, and a clear conscience.

My Eco-Friendly Ethos

I seek out the best quality eco-friendly papers; in fact, all the papers I use are made from a minimum of 80% recycled materials. Not to mention, all of my gift wrapping is itself 100% recyclable. I also use minimal amounts of ink in my products, with the majority of inks I do use being water-based. Even my packaging is biodegradable or recycled, wherever possible. My aim is that my customers can enjoy the happiness of gift wrapping, without harming the environment.

Finding Inspiration in the Natural World

In keeping with this spirit, my designs are largely inspired by my love of animals and nature. Each design begins life as an original ink drawing, which I then use as a basis to create simple stamps – otherwise known as block cuts – ready to be used in the hand printing of my products. I hope that this handmade quality is what sets my wrapping papers apart from the mass produced alternatives available on the high street.

schnauzer gift wrapping idea

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